New Zealand Grocery Wholesalers
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New Zealand Grocery Wholesalers

Our Goal: We bring the Best of Woolworths to more communities every day

NZ Grocery Wholesalers (NZGW) is a business within the Woolworths Group of companies. It established trading in August 2022 as a wholesaler and sells groceries, health and beauty products, household products and pet and baby supplies through Wholesale Supply Agreements.

NZ Grocery Wholesalers is immersed within the Woolworths Group, and has access to the replenishment and supply chain efficiencies that the Woolworths Group eco system provides. Through this wholesale offer, we are proud to bring the best of Woolworths to more communities every day.

Wholesale DC SupplyGrocery Supply Solution at Scale
NZ Grocery Wholesalers will make available, for wholesale customers as defined in the Grocery Industry Competition Act and subject to agreement on terms, wholesale supply via a network of distribution centres throughout NZ. If interested, please complete the wholesale supply request form and our team will contact you to discuss.

Please refer to our Draft Wholesale Supply Agreement for further details.
Wholesale CardRange and Convenience
NZ Grocery Wholesalers will provide for smaller retailers and those requiring single units rather than full cases a wholesale card for use in selected Countdown/Woolworths stores. Please follow this link for more information on how to apply for the wholesale card.

Please refer to our Wholesale Card Terms & Conditions for further details.